Azure Remote app | Error | DNS server could not be reached

I have created Remote app Hybrid configurations in Azure, My remote app environment connecting with the azure VM network. So I have implemented VNET to VNET connection with my azure virtual network and remote app virtual network. And I have uploaded my Customize Template image to the remote app.

But the issue comes when I’m trying to create the remote app collection. It giving the following error.

ERROR – Could not provision the RemoteApp collection. Error: DNS server could not be reached.

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This is a common error to many remote app users, and there are many blogs saying to add google DNS to the Virtual network of remote app. I have tried this, and it make me to recreate the VNET to VNET. But it didn’t helped me.

So I started troubleshooting and found this Remote app machine is added to the Active directory, I used that computer account name and remote desktop to that using my DC in azure VM. After connected to this VM, I have added google DNS ( to this remote app VM by changing the network adapter properties.

Then went back to azure portal – Remote app – Remote app collection – Update

And it worked 🙂

Use this method if you got in to this trouble.

Hope this was useful

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