Windows server 2012 Remote desktop services | Terminal server Printing without Easy Print

With Windows 2008 Microsoft introduce new way of printer mapping called Easy print, as the name implies this makes terminal session printing really easy. It will map clients locally installed printer to the terminal server session and the terminal session user only have to do is click print, printed document will receive in client site printers.
That is the success story of the easy print but there are far worst side, That is the slowness of printing, Easy print use XPS document that will download to the client computer, and this is some times very larger than the printing document, if your client session is connected from a remote low bandwidth location, definitely it’s going to make client life miserable with the slowness of printing.

I have faced this and I found the solution is to move to old conventional way of printing with Remote desktop services, this is how you do it using Windows server 2012 Remote desktop services.

Step 01
Edit the following group policy objects to make Easy printing as the second priority.
Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Printer Redirection\Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first
– Disable
User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Printer Redirection\Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first
– Disable
You have to do this on all remote desktop host servers if you have a farm. This will make Easy printer driver use as the second option, it will not going to disable easy printing.

Step 02
To work with the conventional printing, you have to install the exact same client’s printer driver on the Session host Server.
Easiest way to install the clients same printer driver to server is share the printer in client side , and access it from the server, when accessing the driver will be copied to windows server 2012 session host server. Then using the add printer add the correct printer driver to the server.
Check the printer drivers from Printer server properties and drivers tab


Note – Remember, Client computer and session host server should have same exact printer driver

Step 03
1. Log off all existing sessions and initiate a new Remote desktop session,
2. Go to devices and printers – redirected printer should be available here,
3. right click and select printer properties – select advance tab
4. Printer driver should be set to real printer device driver not as Easy Print Driver.

Printer set to Easy print driver

Mapped printer with client’s printer driver, your redirect printer should look like this.

5. Check with printing.

If you have installed correct drivers, printer driver will be mapped in advance view of printer properties. If the client computers is having different printer drivers, all of those drivers required to add in to the session host server. If the client is having 32 bit drivers, those drivers also required to be in the windows server 2012 or 2008R2 server.

Hope this is useful … cheers.


14 thoughts on “Windows server 2012 Remote desktop services | Terminal server Printing without Easy Print

  1. This is going into the same problems like in other Versions of Microsoftservers before!
    Some drivers (or a combination of drivers) crash. Printing Output is incorrect and so on.
    The only good solution is to use thirparty products for printing.

    My favorite is Slimprinter (!
    Easy to use, fair licensing and pricing.
    You can download and try without any registration.


  2. Hi followed step by step but still no printing.
    windows server continue to map the printer as Easy Print Driver

    Server: Windows Server 2012
    Client: windows xp 32 bit
    Printer: Hp Laserjet 2550L

    • Hi.. for printer redirection, clients should have minimum Windows XP SP3, that means remote desktop client 6.1 and clients should have .NET framwork 3.5.
      please try installing these and let me know.

      • Hi Asitha, thanks for the reply.
        Yes the client configuration is ok. XP Sp3, RDP 6.1 and .NET framework 3.5.
        The Hp Laserjet 2550L is correct redirect and now printing from one client, but on the Win 2012 Server still redirect as Easy Print Driver, very strange…

  3. Thanks for tackling this issue. Does this mean that we can add a single printer for each driver version on the RDS Host and users can print from their remote session to any networked print queue they have locally mapped which matches that driver? For example, we might have 50 HP LaserJet P3015 queues, or will that cause 50 printers to be created on the RDS Host? Can the RDS Host map its printers to a print server’s queues on it’s own network that matches drivers with a print server on the local users’ network, so that no queues are created on the RDS host?

  4. Posted this elsewhere – running 2012 Essentials. We’ve been using RDP for months with this server and both under Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy I come up short. Navigating to Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components, I have no entry for Terminal Services. The same applies to User Configuration. What am I missing here?

  5. Hi Guys,
    It is probably obvious to most but I had assumed this could be applied per workstation, so I applied the group policy to each workstation that was having problems but of course that didn’t work. Once I applied the group policy to the Remote Desktop Server it worked.


  6. Dear Brother Thanks for your really nice trick can you please tell me that what do u mean by session host server? by my opinion you mean the server where the TS session broker is installed or what?

    Sayed Waakman shah

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